What is the price of Jungle Scout? Will it be worth it?

Elbert Grims

Amazon made the decision that it wanted to make its world-class infrastructure for customer service and fulfillment available to small enterprises. Essentially, the company wished to impart its business strategy to others and aid independent sellers in learning how to succeed by operating in the “Amazon Way.”

Like Amazon, the FBA program is always developing and expanding to suit consumer demands and the demands of the online retail industry. For those who are enrolled, this is both a blessing and a curse. It will be simple to keep up with the most recent trends and market demands, but it can be challenging to keep up with the procedure, the rules, and other elements of the program as they are constantly updated.

The pricing for Jungle Scout is first a little unclear. The web app, the Chrome extension, and the combo package are the available options. And the cost varies depending on whether you pay annually or monthly. Oh, and it also depends on the number of monthly confirmed orders you receive. But upon closer inspection, it’s not actually that perplexing. Simply said, it’s not as user-friendly as other programs. It is important to learn about jungle scout or helium 10

What does the Chrome Extension for Jungle Scout Pro do?

When you need to conduct quick product research, you can click on the cool symbol added by the Jungle Scout Pro Extension by simply plugging it into your browser. The Chrome extension is really simply a JS web app extension. You see what I mean? You can rapidly add products to the tracking program, check basic product information, estimate monthly sales, view pricing, study and export keywords, and even take a look at Google Trends data.

What Sets the Web App Apart from the Chrome Extension?

The Chrome plug-in provides a rapid overview of all the essential details about the product. When you click the symbol in your browser, a tonne of helpful information is immediately generated. You will essentially cut your work hours per product in half.

You can use the online app, a more full and sophisticated software with a tonne of options for more in-depth or broad research. Consider the web app as a comprehensive tool for general Amazon research and the extension as a rapid, real-time view of a specific product’s most crucial information (e.g. niche hunting).

What’s the Process for the Jungle Scout Pro Extension?

It’s quite simple. FBA experts adore it for this reason. Since the Live Ladybug is a near-perfect match for the top product of 2022, let’s use it as an example. Imagine that while surfing Amazon, you come across 1,500 living Coccinellidae and are immediately intrigued by these cute little bugs. You are immediately bombarded with information on average price, monthly sales, and sales rank. Not bad at all. 

With Pro Version, you also get Opportunity Score, Monthly Sales, and Profit Calculator. You’ll likely initially think this is written in Ancient Greek.. But if you understand what all these figures imply, this will become quite useful.

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