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Today, web domain and hosting services are abundantly available in the market and internationally. These web hosting services lead the process of hosting a website by storing the files, content, and data on a server and assigning that server or that part of the server to that particular website. 

This changes according to the types of web hosting. Shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated servers, and more types of hosting are currently dominating the market. 

The overall performance of your website is dependent on various factors, like the resources provided by your web hosting sites, how your website is built, and the configuration of your web page. That being said, various external factors affect your website like the web hosting software choice. 

Like any other technology device or instrument, web hosting requires applications and software tools. These software tools help web hosting providers and website owners manage and maintain their websites. 

These software tools usually consist of control panels and server management software that manage the files and data, domain name email accounts, and security settings for creating creative and operating interfaces for your websites. 

Let us list a few web host server software tools that are quite popular nowadays for being efficient.

5 Top Web Hosting Software

  • Webmin

Webmin can be called an abbreviated name for a web-based admin control panel that provides access to some of the most essential functions of a website. 

It is a system administration tool that offers features like email and domain management, file management, security administration, and a flexible approach towards all the aspects of your hosting server and website. 

  • cPanel

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels used in the world. It is useful while managing the database and files, server settings, domains, backups, other security tools, and all the functionalities of your website. 

It is an exceptional control panel, Linux-based web hosting software that provides that is easy to use and very reliable for your website’s operations.

  • Plesk

If you host a website on WordPress, Joomla, a cloud server, or any other platform, you can opt for a Plesk extension that specialises in that sector. 

It is extremely easy to use, user and beginner-friendly since it has a simplified interface, good provisions for security, and search engine optimisation tool kits. 

This is the kind of comprehensive approach that one prefers in service providers, and hence, Plesk is very popular among web hosting users. 

  • RunCloud

With an incredibly clean and simple interface, RunCloud can be preferred by many website owners. RunCLoud is a control panel application that smoothly streamlines the server management duties through configuration and settings. 

Since it provides automated functioning of tiresome and handful procedures like SSL certification configuration or server configuration, it has become a professional favourite in no time. 

  • ISPConfig

ISPConfig is, again, a control panel software tool that is Linux-based and has unique properties that contribute a lot to your operations on web hosting. 

It offers email management, server configuration, database management, and email management. It is an open-source tool, highly customisable, and flexible for usage. 

Summing It Up

There are certain qualities that a hosting software must exhibit. 

These should be scope for precision, efficiency, cost-saving properties, and other necessary management features to help enhance the website’s performance. 

The listed tools are widely used and accepted by many professionals for their qualities that complement the web hosting services precisely. 

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