Linux vs Windows WordPress Hosting: Which Is Better?

Elbert Grims

When choosing the best WordPress Hosting in India, you have two popular choices: Linux or Windows Hosting. And selecting between them can be a daunting task for many.

However, both have their strengths and weaknesses, which might make one a better choice for your website. In addition, the hosting company offers both types of operating systems.

So in this article, let’s see the key differences between Linux and Windows WordPress Hosting and help you decide which WordPress Hosting in India is better for your needs.

What is Linux WordPress Hosting?

Linux WordPress Hosting is an open-source operating system more popular among developers than the corporate. 

This hosting is a popular hosting choice for the WordPress website as it offers 

  • High Performance
  • Stability 
  • Security

What is Windows WordPress Hosting?

Windows is also a popular operating system widely used in large organisations. As a result, it is a popular website requiring specific Windows-based software or functionality. 

It also has  

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Easy to use and navigate, particularly for beginners
  • Better integration with other Microsoft applications

Linux versus Windows Hosting

  1. User Interface

Windows has a more friendly user interface and a familiar menu, which are easy to understand than performing functions. 

At the same time, Linux relies on the command line with functions and syntax that can only be understood with proper learning.

  1. Stability And Security

When it comes to stability and security, here is Linux wins. First, Linux offers the most stable and secure operating system, which hardly needs a reboot and is less prone to viruses and malware. 

On the other hand, Windows is generally more vulnerable to cyber threats like hacking.

  1. Hardware And Software Compatibility 

Windows Server is popularly used in larger organisations with complex infrastructure as it is compatible with many applications and software.

In comparison, Linux may not work smoothly, which doesn’t make it an ideal option for corporates. 

But it is compatible with many programming languages and software, making it a popular choice among web developers.

  1. Speed 

Linux offers faster speed than Windows. As the Linux operating system is light in  weight and easy on server resources when users execute the commands

CriteriaLinux Hosting Windows Hosting
Compatibility with WordPressHighly compatibleCompatible but less popular
PerformanceGenerally faster and more stableLess efficient and slower
SecurityGenerally considered more secureMore vulnerable to cyberattacks
CostGenerally less expensiveGenerally more expensive
Ease of useGenerally requires more technical knowledgeGenerally easier to use
FlexibilityHighly flexible and customisableLess flexible than Linux Hosting
SupportLarge community and dedicated supportLimited community support

What To Choose: Linux Or Windows?

Ultimately the decision is based on the needs of the website user.

However, most people considered Linux Hosting a better choice for WordPress Hosting as it provides superior performance, security and cost-effectiveness, making it a more suitable option for web developers.

And Windows Hosting can still be a viable option for users who are more comfortable with its interface and require specific features unavailable on Linux.


Choosing the right operating system while getting WordPress Hosting services is essential for your website. 

Linux and Windows WordPress Hosting offer different features and benefits to the website user. In addition, both have their drawbacks.

However, it is chosen based on the specific needs and the requirement, or you can take the help of the expertise of your WordPress Hosting provider and avail of affordable and cheap WordPress Hosting with the perfect operating system.

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