E-Challan System is Improving Traffic Law Enforcement in India

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E-Challan Of Traffic Violators Soon; Data For 19 Crore Vehicles Ready

In India, it has always been difficult to enforce traffic regulations because of bad driving habits, corruption, and other issues. The government has made numerous attempts to rectify the situation throughout the years, but little has really changed. Their efforts were never supported by the right technology, which is one of the main reasons why they failed.


Today, though, things are improving because of the recently introduced E-Challan system. In addition to making driving safer, this will also help keep your car insurance prices low. This is because the insurance provider won’t view you as hazardous or raise your price if you don’t regularly need to file claims. To learn more about the E-Challan system, continue reading.


India has begun to gain from the E-Challan system with the introduction of smart mobile devices and the emergence of high-speed mobile data access.


What is the underlying idea of challan?

You will be held accountable for your reckless actions if you are detected flouting the traffic laws and endangering not just yourself but also those around you. In essence, you must pay the proper fine. To better grasp this, let’s use the example of driving without new car insurance.


It is required to get car insurance, especially third-party coverage so that anyone who is inadvertently injured while riding in your vehicle or their property can be compensated fairly. This is why the traffic police have the right to issue you a challan if you are found driving without insurance.


The way E-Challans operate

There are two main ways that the new E-Challan system is expected to operate. The first system is entirely automated. This can be used to identify instances of driving too fast, driving recklessly, running red lights, etc. At places where people have been caught speeding or running red signals, speed cameras have been deployed and are being added. The camera will be linked to a smart system that will recognise the vehicle’s licence plate and registration. An online challan notification with all the facts will be prepared and emailed to the vehicle owner after the same is mapped to the RTO database.


The manual issuance of challans is the second. In this approach, the on-duty police officer will still issue you a challan, but on a handheld device rather than in a physical challan book. The challan notification will appear on your phone.


The greatest change in the procedure is that you will now be provided with a link so that you can pay the challan online rather than having to do it right away. The government has significantly reduced the scope of bribery by removing the financial component from the spot enforcement squad.


You have two options after receiving the challan: you either pay it online or submit an appeal. You must click the appeals link in order to receive the date, time, and location of the courthouse where you can submit your case to the magistrate in the event of an appeal.


Advantages of E-Challans

There are a number of benefits, as follows:

  • It is anticipated to greatly increase transparency in the challan process. The possibility of bogus challans will be significantly reduced.
  • This will lead to an environment in which enforcement is likewise made more prevalent. Since traffic cops cannot be present everywhere, traffic cameras can be installed almost anywhere.
  • It will significantly lessen the chance of bribery in the issue and processing of challans.
  • It will lighten the pressure on the courts by fewer court-specific challans.
  • It will boost the government’s ability to collect traffic challan fees.
  • Enhancing road discipline will eventually aid in lowering car insurance ##



## All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply


Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.



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